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OU on the BBC: A History of Ideas - What does it mean to be free?

Updated Tuesday 4th November 2014

This week, Melvyn and four guests ask: ‘What does it mean to be free?’

When and where

Monday, 10th November 2014 12:04 - BBC Radio 4

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About the episode

Helping him answer this question are philosopher Angie Hobbs, theologian Giles Fraser, neuropsychologist, Paul Broks and criminal barrister Harry Potter.  
Between them they'll talk about Isiah Berlin's distinction between positive and negative Freedom, JS Mill's thoughts on individual liberty and the state; what neuroscience has to say about the age old philosophical debate about freewill and whether freedom is over-rated as a political, moral and psychological concept.  
For the rest of the week Angie, Giles, Harry and Paul take us further into the history of ideas with programmes of their own.
  • This programme is part of a week of programmes looking at the history of ideas around freedom. Find out more about A History of Ideas




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