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OU on the BBC: More or Less - Conservative job creation, unhappy workers and due dates

Updated Wednesday 28th January 2015

More or Less puts the spotlight on Conservative job creation, dairy farmers, the UK's 'unhappiest' workers and the long-term pregnancy trends in developed countries. 

Pregnant woman in nature holding her belly Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Viktor Pravdica | David Cameron says that the Conservatives have created 1000 jobs for every day they’ve been in office. Is this true?

Do dairy farmers make a loss on each litre of milk that they produce, as is often claimed? Charlotte Smith from Farming Today talks through the numbers.

England cricketer Stuart Broad has prompted anger after tweeting that people on the minimum wage should "stay humble" because they’re among the "10% of top earners in the world." More or Less considers whether this is accurate.

The UK’s unhappiest workers are retail staff and teachers, reported the Guardian this week. However, the survey behind the headline is not about happiness with your job, but pay. In fact, surveys more usually show teachers are among the happiest professions. And is it true that 40% of newly-qualified teachers quit within 5 years? Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Oftsted, has claimed so – but what do the statistics show?

What are the chances of two friends, given the same due date for their babies’ birth. Actually giving birth on the same day? And how useful and reliable are due dates?

"About one-third of American girls become pregnant as teenagers” a recent article claimed. More or Less investigates this and looks at the long-term pregnancy trends in developed countries. 

This is in conjuction with the latest episode of More or Less, to find out more please head to the series page - OU on the BBC: More or Less

Listen to More or Less

Tune into BBC Radio 4 on Friday 23 January at 16:30 to listen to this week's programme. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC website






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