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OU on the BBC: Saving Species: Series 3, Episode 17

Updated Friday, 21st December 2012

On Christmas Day, Howard Stableford looks at conservation issues in some of the British Overseas Territories.

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Holly in the snow Creative commons image Icon Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton under CC-BY-NC-ND licence under Creative-Commons license Howard Stableford is in the chair for this Christmas Day Saving Species. On this day our thoughts are about spending time at home with our family, so for this week's episode Howard is looking at the UK's extended family with a programme on conservation in some of the British Overseas Territories.

We report on the news that a rare and highly endangered frog from Monserrat and Dominica in the Caribbean has successfully bred in London Zoo. Ed Drewitt discusses with Dr Ian Stephen this last chance conservation effort to save the Mountain chicken frog threatened with the Chytrid fungus; a disease fatal to 2/3 of all amphibians.

From tropical seas to the windswept island of S Georgia where the largest rat eradication project in the world is about to happen. Team Rat set off in January to save the albatrosses and petrels that nest on the sub-Antarctic eden from being eaten by rodents.

Howard discusses the establishment of marine conservation areas around the overseas territories with Alistair Gammell of the PEW Foundation. Overseas Territories are not just the land itself, it includes the seas that surround them for 200 nautical miles and include some of the richest seas in the world. Howard then questions the DEFRA Minister for Biodiversity, Richard Benyon, what the UK plans to do to help protect the precious places that make up British Overseas Territories.

Listen to Saving Species

You can listen to this episode of Saving Species on BBC Radio 4 at 11:30am on Tuesday 25 December 2012. More information and a link to listen again can be found on the Radio 4 website.

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