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OU on the BBC: Saving Species: Series 3, Episode 7

Updated Monday, 15th October 2012

Saving Species visits the Wildscreen festival and asks if film-makers put anything back in terms of wildlife conservation.

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Wildscreen film festival Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Wildscreen The Wildscreen festival runs during mid-October Every two years, wildlife film-makers from across the world arrive in Bristol to celebrate and promote the art of the wildlife filmmaker at the International Wildscreen Film Festival.

Wildscreen's mission is:

  • To promote excellence in films and photos from which many first learn about nature
  • To inspire greater interest in Earth's living riches
  • To illustrate the wonders of our natural world
  • To educate about the threats facing our planet's biodiversity
  • To encourage international enthusiasm for nature

Recently Dr Paul Jepson from Oxford University suggested in an academic paper that "Media corporations that make and broadcast wildlife programmes and films should pay towards the cost of nature conservation under an existing innovative funding mechanism for the 'use of ecosystem services' "

In this special Saving Species we plan to devote the programme to some of the ideas Dr Jepson put forward in his paper.

Brett Westwood, meeting with some of the world's most respected international delegates at this years' Wildscreen, discusses the question, "As a filmmaker, do the films we all enjoy to watch on television actually put something back in terms of wildlife conservation to the locations and species we all love to watch from the comfort of our homes?".

Listen to Saving Species

You can listen to this episode of Saving Species on BBC Radio 4 at 11:00am on Tuesday 16 October 2012. More information and a link to listen again can be found on the Radio 4 website.

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