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OU on the BBC: Shared Planet

Updated Tuesday, 4th June 2013

Monty Don presents a series exploring the complex interface between a growing human population and wildlife.

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Fur seal underneath a cement mixer Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Julian Hector A fur seal lays beneath a cement mixer Shared Planet explores the complex and growing interface between people and the natural world.

As the world population increases by approximately 200,000 people per day and our demand for resources rises year by year, is there enough room for nature?

Each programme in the series will concentrate on one theme and invited guests, the world’s greatest thinkers on the environment, will explore the topic with Monty, looking at the economic, political and social drivers that affect our relationship with nature.

Field reports will illustrate the issues and what is being done on the ground to help solve the problems.

Kelvin Boot, the Shared Planet correspondent, will summarise points of view, and actions taken, from around the world.

Shared Planet will wrestle with the economics, political, human and wildlife issues generated by the needs of 7 billion people on one natural world.

It all starts on Tuesday 11 June at 11:00am on BBC Radio 4. Read more on the BBC's Shared Planet pages.





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