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The Bottom Line - Pricing and interviews

Updated Thursday 1st November 2012

Evan Davis is joined by CEOs to discuss getting the price right - and making sure your staff are right, too.

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End of Season Sale sign Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Daniaphoto | Are end of season sales little more than admissions of pricing mistakes? Every week, The Open University and the BBC bring you a gathering of top executives. Guided by Evan Davis, they share their insight and reveal how they keep their businesses at the peak.

This week, Evan is joined by:

  • Scott Malkin, CEO of Value Retail
  • Rita Clifton, former chair of Interbrand, and
  • Roger Mavity, the CEO of Conran Holdings

They'll be talking about how companies can ensure they don't price themselves out of the market, or out of existence, and sharing tales of interviews - what makes a perfect hire, and what howlers can happen when nervous people in new suits find themselves in a small room being asked questions.

The Bottom Line is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 8.30pm on Thursday 1st November 2012, and then subsequently on BBC News Channel, BBC World and BBC World Service. To find out further details, or to listen again, please visit





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