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OU on the BBC: The truth about mental health

Updated Thursday, 23rd May 2013

A brand new series from the BBC World Service's Health Check team explores 'The truth about mental health' - a look at different attitudes to mental health and wellbeing 

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Mental Health doesn’t discriminate. From anxiety and depression through to PTSD and psychosis, one in four of us will become ill over our lifetime, and over the next 18 years the prediction is that mental health will make THE biggest call on global health resources.

From Africa, to Asia, to the Middle East and to Europe, this series of The truth about mental health will explore radically different attitudes and definitions of mental health and mental wellbeing.

With demand rising and, in a global recession, funds shrinking, these six programmes will highlight novel and innovative ways being used now, around the globe, to treat and cope with mental illness.

Using personal stories as a starting point, it will show how individuals (and their families, friends and colleagues), wherever they live in the world, can have hope that treatment and recovery is possible from a range of painful mental health conditions.

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