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Thinking Allowed - Multicultural prison and jellied eels

Updated Tuesday 28th May 2013

This week's show looks at interactions between white and ethnic minority inmates in male prisons, as well as reactions to jellied eels 

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The multicultural prison - a unique analysis of the daily lives and interactions of both white and ethnic minority inmates in the closed world of the modern, male prison.

Diverse British nationals, foreign and migrant populations, have been brought into close proximity within prison walls. How do they negotiate their tensions and differences?

The criminologist, Coretta Phillips, talks to Laurie Taylor about her empirical research in Rochester Young Offenders' Institution and Maidstone Prison.

Also, reactions to jellied eels. Drawing on a series of ethnographic encounters collected while hanging around at a seafood stand in east London, Alex Rhys Taylor explores the relationship between individual expressions of distaste and the production of class, ethnic and generational forms of distinction.

Thinking Allowed is on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesdays at 4.00pm and repeated on Monday mornings at 12.15am. Full transmission details, and listen again links, can be found on





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