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Thinking Allowed – Remembering Diana

Updated Wednesday 19th June 2013

This week on Thinking Allowed: Did Princess Diana's death prompt a major shift in British culture?

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Flowers at Princess Diana's funeral Creative commons image Icon Flowers for Princess Diana's Funeral / CC BY 2.0 under Creative-Commons license Flowers at Princess Diana's funeral Remembering Diana—did Princess Diana's death lead to a major shift in British culture?

Professor of Sociology, Vic Seidler, talks to Laurie Taylor about his new book which analyses the repercussions of Diana, Princess of Wales', death in 1997.

He argues that the public outpourings of grief and displays of emotion prompted new kinds of identification and belonging in which communities came together regardless of race, class, gender and sexuality and helped to make visible changes in what might be called 'New' or 'post-traditional' Britain.

Did her unexpected death see a challenge to 'stiff upper lip' reserve and to the typical split made in modernity between reason and emotion?

The writer, Bea Campbell, who has also written about the Diana 'phenomenon', joins the discussion.

Listen to Thinking Allowed on Wednesday 19 June at 4pm on BBC Radio 4. For more information, visit the Thinking Allowed pages on the BBC website. You can also look back at previous episodes on OpenLearn.





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