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Thinking Allowed - Seaside race issues and reductionism

Updated Tuesday, 15th November 2011

In this week's Thinking Allowed, race and the seaside is explored and machine capacity is compared to human capacity

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This week, Laurie Taylor talks to journalist Bryan Appleyard and Professor John Gray about the notion that machines are limited in their capacity to be like humans, a subject explored in Appleyard's The Brain is Wider than the Sky. They also make a plea for mystery and an end to the ascendance of reductionism.

He also discusses race and the seaside with University of Brighton lecturer Dr Daniel Burdsey.

This edition of Thinking Allowed was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, 11th November 2011.

You can listen to the episode online,
or read a transcript of the race at the seaside discussion
or read a transcript of the reductionism discussion

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