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Thinking Allowed - Steeltown meltdown

Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2012

The subject of this week's Thinking Allowed is the de-industrialisation of Wales. What has happened to working patterns in the nation?

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In this week's programme, Laurie investigates the effects of industrial decline in Wales, examining in-depth sociological studies of the residents of two industrial Welsh towns. Professor Valerie Walkerdine discusses the impact of the closure of the steelworks in 'Steeltown.' Also in the programme, Jean Jenkins tells Laurie about her research on how the closure of the Burberry factory in Treorchy affected non-work life for the workers concerned. 

In this exclusive article below, The Open University's Dr Hugh Mackay looks at how, as a consequence of globalisation, new technologies and other factors, the changes in Wales have had profound social and cultural consequences – some of which resemble changes in other areas where there has been a rapid decline of heavy industry, whilst others are distinct to Wales.

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