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Thinking Allowed - The sociology of love

Updated Wednesday, 16th May 2012

This week's Thinking Allowed explores the sociology of love with Eva Illouz, author of Why Love Hurts. Read our exclusive academic review of the book below 

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In Why Love Hurts, Eva Illouz suggests the individual navigates their way through complex social structures and institutions which frame the rules around and cultural rituals of love, drawing on the resources which they have personally accumulated. It is this social-psychic trajectory which she posits as the modern condition of love; an experience that is shaped through inevitable suffering. 

In the exclusive article below, Dr Jacqui Gabbis, who is currently researching the experience and understandings of long-term couple relationships (visit the project website for more information) interrogates the arguments laid out by Illouz. Read more below and share your views using our comments facility. 

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