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Take the survey: Working Mothers

Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2014

Is work working for our kids? Will shared parental leave give working mothers a more fulfilling career? Share your views and join the discussion.

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mother and baby, happy Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Godfer | From April 2015, working parents will be able to share leave after the birth of a child. This week on Bringing Up Britain, Mariella Frostrup debates whether this will change attitudes towards stay-at-home dads and mums who choose to go back to work.

Announcing the new policy, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has stated that 'women deserve the right to pursue their goals and not feel they have to choose between having a successful career or having a baby.'

Mariella examines whether the idea of shared parental leave is the best way to give working mothers a more fulfilling career, and whether fathers will be prepared to spend more time at home with a new baby.

Tell us your views on working mothers

How do you feel about some of the issues that might be raised in discussing mothers who work? Complete the questions below and see how your views compare to those of other people.

Listen to the expert insight

Kieron talks to Professor Mary Jane Kehily about her book on modern motherhood, the transition to motherhood over generations and time and why 'working mothers' is not a singular concept any more.

1. What is the book Making Modern Mothers about?

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2. How has the experience of being a working mother changed in recent history?

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3. What are the issues and anxieties around working mothers, and how to resolve them?

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