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The Bottom Line - Recalls

Updated Tuesday, 22nd July 2014

Evan Davis and guests discuss the process for recalling defective items

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Thursday, 24th July 2014 20:30 - BBC Radio 4
Saturday, 26th July 2014 17:30 - BBC Radio 4

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Faulty children's beds, mislabelled horsemeat burgers and exploding dishwashers are among the products recalled by companies in the UK to protect the health and safety of consumers.
Evan Davis and guests discuss the process for recalling defective items and find out how quickly manufacturers and distributors must act.
What are the logistics of getting back hundreds of thousands of products from consumers? And what impact does a recall have on a company's reputation? Does it reassure or unnerve customers?
  • Gerard Bos, customer relations manager for UK and Ireland, Ikea
  • Chris Dee, chief operating officer, E.H Booth
  • Vince Shiers, managing director, RQA Global

This edition of The Bottom Line is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 24 July 2014. For further details, and to listen online where available, please visit the BBC website.




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