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The Bottom Line - Wearable technology

Updated Monday, 27th October 2014

Evan Davis and guests discuss investments in wearable tech - will they go mainstream or are gadgets only for geeks?

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Wearable technology watches Creative commons image Icon Scanrail | under Creative-Commons license The key players in technology, namely Apple, Google and Samsung, are all investing a lot of time and money into wearable tech - adamant that it will be the next big thing in technology. 

An influx of revolutionising watches and glasses are designed to keep us forever connected with eachother, super healthy and allow us to have information at the touch of a button. But are they something that'll appeal to gadget geeks but be shunned by the masses who are more into fashion and the look of their clothing and accessories than the digital aspects? 

Evan Davis and his three guests discuss how these products could transform our healthcare. They also hear about a super-smart fabric that'll change the way UK and US soldiers are kitted out, for the better.


  • Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung UK and Ireland
  • Asha Peta Thompson, Co-founder, Intelligent Textiles
  • Joss Langford, Technical Director, Activinsights

This edition of The Bottom Line is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 30th October 2014. For further details, and to listen online where available, please visit the BBC website.

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