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OU on the BBC: The Bottom Line – MBAs

Updated Thursday, 6th February 2014

Business school or school of life? Evan Davis debates with guests.

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Light bulb businessman Creative commons image Icon By Wi2 via Flickr under CC license under Creative-Commons license In The Bottom Line, Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

Business school or school of life? An MBA from a top business school is what defines many of today's high powered CEOs—but is the qualification worth the cost or are would-be entrepreneurs better off learning business acumen in the real world?

Evan Davis debates with the following guests:

  • Colin Drummond, Chairman of Viridor and Harvard MBA graduate
  • Kim Winser, former CEO of Pringle, now CEO of Winser London
  • Glenn Sykes, Associate Dean of Chicago Booth Business School, London

Listen to The Bottom Line

You can listen to this episode of The Bottom Line on Thursday 6 February at 8:30pm on BBC Radio 4. More information about the episode, details of when it is repeated, and a link to listen again will be available on the BBC website.





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