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The Bottom Line - Chocolate

Updated Thursday, 6th March 2014

Chocolate money? Evan Davis meets the people turning sweet tooth into cold cash.

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Chocolate coins Creative commons image Icon WWarby under CC-BY licence under Creative-Commons license Chocolate money Each week, BBC Radio 4 and The Open University team up to bring you the view from the boardroom.

Chocolate is a big business as well as a delicious indulgence.

Evan Davis and guests discuss how this global industry is tackling the pressures of rising food prices, speculation and climate change.

Guests this week:

Jonathan Horrell, Director of Global Sustainability of Mondelez International
Sophi Tranchell, Managing Director of Divine Chocolate
Kojo Amoo-Gottfried, Country Director of Cargill Ghana

This episode of The Bottom Line is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on March 6th 2014.





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