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The Bottom Line - Transformation

Updated Thursday, 6th March 2014

Businesses which have turned around - and how do you stop the 180 degree turn from being a 360?

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One of the 277 Game stores closed in 2013 Copyright free  image Icon Copyright free: Image released into public domain Game teetered on the edge when over 200 stores, like this one, closed - but now it's back in fine health Every week, BBC Radio 4 teams up with The Open University to get the view from the boardroom.

This week, Evan Davis meets up with the comeback kids.

Corporate turnaround and transformational tales. Evan and his guests discuss how companies fail, struggle and find their way again. But can they avoid making the same mistakes twice?


Bruno Cercley, CEO of Rossignol Group
Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook Group
Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Game Retail

This episode of The Bottom Line is first broadcast on Thursday 13th March 2014.





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