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The Ravens: 24th International Radio Playwriting Competition winner

Updated Thursday, 24th September 2015

A social work student brefriends a sex worker in Sydney - but how easy is changing a life? The second of two prizewinning plays.

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King's Cross, Sydney, by night Creative commons image Icon 200ok underCC BY-SA licence under Creative-Commons license Sydney by night The Ravens is one of two award-winning plays from the 24th International Radio Playwriting Competition, which is run by the BBC World Service and the British Council, in partnership with The Open University and Commonwealth Writers. Alana triumphed in the English as a First Language category.

In the red-light district of Sydney, Australia, Kira attempts to leave her abusive boyfriend Mark and her life as a sex worker in a strip club. She is helped and supported in this by Nina – a social work student that Kira meets in a chance encounter in a chocolate shop. Emboldened by her desire for freedom, Kira also tries to persuade her co-worker Nancy to join her in leaving their old life behind.

However, Kira might have underestimated just how much she is enmeshed in the world around her.

The Ravens features an Australian cast, starring Sophie Ross and Vivien Carter and is directed by Rosalynd Ward.

The Ravens will broadcast on BBC World Service Radio on Saturday 3rd October, 2015 and will be available on iPlayer afterwards. Find more information at the BBC World Service Radio website.




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