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Thinking Allowed: Offshoring & make-up in Iran

Updated Wednesday, 4th June 2014

Offshoring as the economy of secrecy and research on Iranian women's use of make up.

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Wednesday, 4th June 2014 17:00 - BBC Radio 4

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Weekly, The Open University and BBC Radio 4 come together to explore the latest thinking in the social sciences.

In this week's edition, 'offshoring' - the economy of secrecy. The concealment of wealth in tax havens is part of public debate, but John Urry, Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University, argues that offshore worlds now also involve relations of work, pleasure, energy and security. He talks to Laurie Taylor about new patterns of power which pose huge challenges to democratic government.

Also, Dr Aliakbar Jafari, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, discusses his research on Iranian women's use of make up, as a form of escape and self expression. He's joined by Dr Ziba Mir Hosseini, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law at the School for Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

This episode of Thinking Allowed is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 4.00pm on Wednesday, 4th June 2014. For further broadcast details and to listen again where available, please visit




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