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Thinking Allowed: Poverty in Britain and unemployment as a choice

Updated Thursday, 14th May 2015

Joanna Mack, Learning and Teaching producer at the Open University, joins Thinking Allowed to talk about 'Breadline Britain' and poverty.

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Thinking Allowed, hosted by Laurie Taylor, is BBC Radio 4's weekly focus on the social sciences.

On this week's programme:

Knife and fork by a puddle representing poverty Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Sky Pixel | Poverty in Britain:

Laurie Taylor talks to Joanna Mack, Learning and Teaching producer at the Open University, about the largest ever survey of UK levels of economic and social deprivation. Her co-authored book, 'Breadline Britain..' claims that poverty is at an all time high.

Claimants who reject work:

 Andrew Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Lincoln University, has conducted research which suggests that some unemployed people turn down 'undesirable' work, thus choosing to remain in financial hardship.

This edition of Thinking Allowed is first broadcast on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 4.00pm on BBC Radio 4. For further broadcast details, and to listen again where available, please visit

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