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The Story of Wales on TV

Updated Thursday, 16th February 2012

Huw Edwards brings the magical, thrilling and often surprising story of Wales to life. Read more about each episode

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Story of Wales title image Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The Story of Wales on BBC One Wales Beginning with a reconstruction of the earliest known human burial in Western Europe—the “Red Lady” of Paviland, this landmark series tells the story of Wales from pre-history to modern times.

Its epic tale runs through Hywel Dda’s uniting of Wales under one law, the Welsh at the heart of the Tudor court, through the immense pace of change in the country as coal mines and iron works flourished—with technological and educational innovations putting Wales ahead of the world in the Industrial Revolution, and right up to present day devolution.

BBC News at Ten presenter Huw Edwards tells this compelling story of the nation, showing how influential Wales has been down the ages. In addition to the heroes and battles, the series reveals how so often, through the turbulent centuries, Wales has been at the cutting-edge of change and innovation.

The Story of Wales returns to BBC One Wales this summer. You can watch episode one on Thursday 25 July at 22:45. Visit The Story of Wales BBC pages for more information, and see our episode guide below as the series progresses.

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