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The Story of Wales: Part 1: The Makings of Wales

Updated Wednesday, 13th August 2014
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Huw Edwards presents the first episode of The Story of Wales, looking at the earliest-known human burial in Western Europe.

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Worm's Head, Paviland, Wales Creative commons image Icon Worm's Head from Paviland, Gower, Wales, 1963 / Phillip Capper / CC BY 2.0 under Creative-Commons license Worm's Head, Paviland Huw Edwards presents this major television history of Wales, showing our country in ways it’s never been seen before.

Thirty thousand years in the making, this story begins with the drama of the earliest-known human burial in Western Europe. Huw delves into the biggest pre-historic copper mine in the world, and visits the mesmerising site of an Iron Age hill-fort. He reveals the true scale of the Roman Occupation and shows how Welsh Saints carry the light of the gospel to the rest of the Celtic world, and leave a mark on their homeland that we can all still read today.

The Story of Wales on TV

The Story of Wales will be repeated on Thursday 25 July at 22:45 on BBC One Wales. Visit The Story of Wales BBC pages for more information.

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