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The Story of Wales: Part 5: A New Beginning

Updated Friday, 11th July 2014
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Huw Edwards continues tracing the Story of Wales. This week he looks at Welsh steam coal—the 'black gold' that built a new Wales

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Tower Colliery Creative commons image Icon Work found at / CC BY-SA 3.0 under Creative-Commons license Tower Colliery, South Wales Huw Edwards presents this major television history of Wales, showing our country in ways it’s never been seen before.

It’s boom-time as Wales becomes known, the world over, for one particular product—Welsh steam coal, the best you can get. In the space of 50 years, ‘black gold’ builds a new Wales.

The coalfield pulls in hundreds of thousands of migrants with a different language and culture, becoming a bustling modern world of its own. Yet no sooner has Wales found itself at the centre of global trade than the Depression causes an industrial crash with a bitter social fall-out.

The Story of Wales on TV

The Story of Wales will be repeated on Thursday 22 August at 22:35 on BBC One Wales. More information is on the BBC Story of Wales pages.

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