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Bang Goes The Theory 7: Episode 5

Updated Friday, 22nd February 2013

This week the Bang team reveal how much we really know about what's on our dinner plate.

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Bang on TV

This week the team ask how much we really know about what's on our dinner plate, and investigate the surprising world of food technology.

Maggie finds out how scientists use DNA to identify what is in ready meals, and why the horsemeat scandal wasn't detected earlier; Liz investigates how flavour scientists have been fooling our taste buds for years; while Jem explores the science of suspended animation that keeps old food looking deceptively fresh on the shelf.

Bang Goes The Theory can be seen on BBC One on Monday 8th April 2013 at 7.30pm, and BBC Two (Wales only) on Tuesday 9th April at 6.30pm. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on Read more about the current series.





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