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Business Boomers 4: Hot Property

Updated Friday, 11th July 2014

This episode of Business Boomers reveals the inner workings of the housing business. 

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About the episode

With new homes being built at the fastest rate for a decade, business is booming again for Britain's house builders. Profits are up and sales are surging, as companies like Barratt, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey tempt customers into the biggest purchase of their lives.

With access to the lead players in the British house-building industry, Hot Property reveals the inner workings of this business and discovers why it is such a source of controversy and conflict.

Exploring the all-important quest for land, the art of winning over the planners and the public, and the science of designing the ideal home for prospective buyers, this is the fascinating story of how house builders have shaped our landscape and our lives.

Over the years, they have learned to be very choosy about where they build, and very cautious about only building as many houses as they can sell. From stand-offs with NIMBYs to run-ins with politicians, this is a business like no other.




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