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DEBATE: Could you be a Personal Assistant?

Updated Thursday, 7th May 2015

Do you feel you would be up to the job? Or do you feel you would be unable to step up to the task?

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Debate concept with two people discussing topic Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Brad Calkins | People in the programme needed support in lots of aspects of their lives, personal, social and at work. But they were looking for more than a professional pair of hands, they wanted people they could relate to and get on with, not a succession of agency staff. As the programme showed this isn’t straightforward. If you had to draft an advert what qualities would you list? Perhaps something like below:


  • Do what is needed when I need help
  • Turn up on time 
  • Work when needed for the pay I can provide
  • Be willing to undertake intimate care 
  • Able to complete domestic tasks


  • Be spontaneous
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Be yourself, and allow me to be myself
  • Like me for who I am
  • Come out on social outings

Being a Personal Assistant crosses this divide. Could you be both? Take our poll and discuss using the comment facility below. 

This debate is part of a collection produced to accompany the OU/BBC co-production Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant 





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