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Dementiaville: Poppy Lodge

Updated Thursday, 28th May 2015

The first epiosde of Dementiaville explores a new approach to treating dementia which has been the subject of much discussion among experts and families. 

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Dementiaville - patient Les in Poppy Lodge care home Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Channel 4 In a pioneering and controversial approach to treating dementia, 56-year-old John is taken back to his days in the navy, and 91-year-old Les goes on a 1940s-themed day trip, including a vintage car. 

Poppy Lodge, a specially built dementia care unit within Galanos House care home run by the Royal British Legion in the Midlands, leads the way with its approach to dementia.  As recent events are forgotten for some residents, memories from the distant past feel like the present, with residents often travelling back to memories and places from long ago.

With an approach that has been called controversial, here the staff don’t correct the residents. Instead, they embrace what they think is true. Based on a method called the Butterfly Household Model of Care used in over 100 care homes in the UK, it has proven benefits of reducing anxiety and increasing well-being. Now, to further reconnect some of the residents to their memories, this care home, with the help of their families, has agreed to recreate key moments from their past – bringing these back to life.

Craig has the full time role of Activities Co-ordinator where he tries to put residents at ease. He works under Matron Jo-anne Wilson and no matter what stage of the residents’ dementia , the goal is for her staff  to ensure that the well-being and feelings of their residents is always their priority.

This episode guide is for the OU/Channel 4 series Dementiaville. To find out more about the programmes and dementia care go to the main series page

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