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Life Story: First Steps

Updated Wednesday, 1st October 2014

The first episode of Life Story follows stage one of the journey - surviving infancy.

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Sir David Attenborough with meerkats Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC/Sophie Lanfear Sir David Attenborough

About the episode

Each and every animal is born with a chance: to survive, thrive and produce their very own next generation.

The first hurdle in life is infancy. Vulnerable, naïve but determined, some young animals face their biggest challenges in the first few days of life. Barnacle geese goslings must take a leap of faith, falling 120 metres from a cliff ledge, to get their first meal. A tiny, young long-eared jerboa faces the daunting, nighttime world of the Gobi desert completely alone – in the first images of their kind.

And at just two months old a humpback
 calf, preparing to embark on a migration halfway round the world, is caught up in a ‘heat run’ of aggressive males, each around 40 tonnes, fighting for a female.

In infancy, every challenge is a new one. But how a creature fares at the very beginning of its life is the foundation on which their future success depends.

This episode was first broadcast on Thursday 23rd October 2014 on BBC One. 




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