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OU on the BBC: Business Boomers

Updated Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Join us for this four-part series on businesses that have boomed despite tough economic times.

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A cup of coffee with the words 'Coffee shop Hotshots' written in chocolate powder Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC (Photographer: Jon Stapleton)

About the series

While many businesses have struggled to survive the economic doldrums of recent years, some have bucked the trend and flourished. Business Boomers delves into four fascinating business worlds to discover the secrets of their success and to reveal some very modern ways of making money.

The films focus on branded Coffee Shops, Self Storage, Amazon’s online empire and Britain’s House Builders. The series tells the story of each of these sectors, combining interview-led history with observational documentary footage and fascinating business detail.

These are booming sectors that touch almost every section of society, have a unique and fascinating business model and a compelling history. Featuring industry leaders and the self-made men and women who’ve made millions (and even billions) by spotting opportunities to make profits from our everyday habits.

This series features illuminating access to high-profile companies including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Big Yellow Storage, Amazon, Barratt Homes and Persimmon.




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