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OU on the BBC: Business Nightmares

Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2011

Evan Davis presents a 3-part series on the inside story of business decisions that didn't always pay off: Doomed Designs, Marketing Mess-Ups, and Disastrous Decisions.

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Business Nightmares on TV

Companies rarely become household names without taking the occasional risk—and sometimes risks don’t pay off. Evan Davis and business leaders including entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, inventor Sir James Dyson and branding supremo Rita Clifton analyse stories of business mistakes from the 1970s to the present day.

In this entertaining and fast-paced series, company insiders reveal how their carefully laid plans and projects unravelled. The results are dramatic: public outcry, plummeting share price, lost reputations, lost jobs and even company collapse.

Business Nightmares is on BBC Two, Monday nights from May 9th 2011, with a late-night Thursday repeat. For full broadcast times, and to watch online, visit

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