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OU on the BBC: Child of Our Time 2013: Changing Families

Updated Thursday, 28th February 2013

In the second programme we look at how some of our children—and their parents and grandparents—have coped with the changes in their family.

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In the second episode of Child of Our Time 2013, we look at how some of our children—and their parents and grandparents—have coped with the changes in their family.

Now, with thousands of hours of observational archive and interviews at our disposal, we’re able to see how our families have changed in the thirteen years we’ve been filming them.

Viewers will hear our children articulate their feelings about life more eloquently.

We discover how they have coped with the divorce of their parents, with getting into trouble at school or even with bereavement.

All our families take part in both programmes but this one predominantly features:

  • Charlotte, who is now part of a large extended family
  • Jamie, coping with his parents separation and divorce
  • Triplets Phoebe, Alice & Mabel
  • Nathan from Scotland, who is beginning to push boundaries with his parents
  • Ethan from Northern Ireland
  • East Anglian Calvin
  • Rebecca from London
  • Tyrese from Birmingham
  • Charlie, whose mum was our youngest Child of Our Time parent
  • Eve, who sadly lost her mum to cancer in 2008

We’ll also find out from the parents what their expectations might be for their kids as well as explore the future of the family as a whole.

How predictive has our 12-year study been—have we identified the key moments that made them who they are today—and how insightful will this archive be in terms of where the children want to go next?

The programme gives a fascinating insight into the next generation; as they make the transition from children into young adults.

Watch Child of Our Time on the BBC

You can watch this episode of Child of Our Time on Tuesday 10 September at 10:35pm on BBC One. Further broadcast information, as well as iPlayer links when available, can be found on the BBC's Child of Our Time pages.





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