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OU on the BBC: Escape from the Boardroom – InterContinental Hotels Group

Updated Friday, 11th October 2013

CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group Jan Smits escapes from the boardroom.

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Jan Smits is the chief executive of InterContinental Hotels Group or IHG in Asia.

Intercontinental hotels group Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The London-listed company is one of the world's largest hoteliers and has big expansion plans, specifically for India. In the next two decades the South Asian nation will have one of the fastest growing travel and tourism industries.

Jan and his team are looking to capitalise on this with 150 new hotels planning to open. The correct strategy will be crucial if IHG are to grow. That's why Jan escapes from his boardroom in Singapore in order to work with his frontline hotel staff in India.

He practices on the front desk, works with housekeeping, hangs out with students and graduate trainees. Jan wants to understand more about the marketplace, his workforce and how their hotels appeal to local consumers. Along the way, Jan Smits has a number of eye-opening moments. He comes up with some new strategies to make his business work better and some invaluable insights into the Indian hospitality sector.

Escape from the Boardroom on BBC World News

Viewers outside the UK can warch this episode of Escape from the Boardroom on BBC World News on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday 12 October, 02:10 GMT and 15:10 GMT
  • Sunday 13 October, 09:10 GMT and 21:10 GMT




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