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OU on the BBC: Escape from the Boardroom – Semsom

Updated Tuesday, 6th May 2014

CEO Christine Sfeir spends time on the front line of her Lebanese restaurant chain Semsom.

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Semsom storefront with Christine Sfeir Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC This episode of Escape from the Boardroom looks at Semsom CEO Christine Sfeir.

Thirty-nine year old Sfeir is the head of three restaurant brands in the Lebanese city of Beirut.

But running her Semsom chain, the vegetarian Green Falafel and the US franchise Dunkin' Donuts in the politically unstable Lebanon can make for an unpredictable business environment.

Christine hopes to expand her brands into the United States.

However, in a location where military presence on the streets can translate into empty tables in her restaurants, making future plans can prove very difficult.

Christine's been challenged by her staff to escape the boardroom and spend time on the front line of her Semsom restaurant chain.

Will she find out that her food and customer service are ready to transfer across to the United States? Or will she discover that business practices in the Middle East are just too different for customers in the West?

Escape from the Boardroom on BBC World News

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