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OU on the BBC: Escape from the Boardroom – Spyker

Updated Saturday, 21st September 2013

Life in the fast lane: Spyker CEO Victor Muller spends a week on the front line of his sports car business.

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Spyker CEO Victor Muller Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC This episode of Escape from the Boardroom looks at Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller.

Spyker Cars is a small car manufacturer based in the Netherlands.

Run by 53 year old Muller, it makes bespoke hand-made luxury sports cars for a very select clientele, with their present car, the C8 Aileron, retailing at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

In just two months' time Victor plans to unveil his latest creation, the B6 Venator, to the awaiting automotive world at Pebble Beach, California.

Designed to retail at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, Victor sees the new car as an opportunity to reach a wider audience and help drive his company back into profitability.

If successful with the launch, Victor hopes to increase production from his present schedule of just one car a week to ten cars a week.

Victor will escape the boardroom and spend a week with his team on the front line.

After being challenged by his staff to see for himself the obstacles that lie ahead in bringing his dream alive, will he discover just how uncomfortable life in the fast lane can be?

Escape from the Boardroom on BBC World News

Viewers outside the UK can watch this episode of Escape from the Boardroom on BBC World News on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday 21 September, 02:10 GMT and 15:10 GMT
  • Sunday 22 September, 09:10 GMT and 21:10 GMT




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