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OU on the BBC: Ever Wondered About Food - Sugar

Updated Thursday, 18th April 2019

Ever Wondered About Food exposes the secrets of sugar

Paul’s Homemade Honeycomb Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

Sugar occurs naturally in almost everything we eat, and we love it so much that we scoff down an extra 150 million tonnes of the stuff every year. In this edition of Ever Wondered About Food we’ll be stirring an extra spoonful into our coffee and settling back to find out how to make the ideal Italian meringue.

Paul will explain why sugar is the perfect preservative and what turns sugar syrup into a golden honeycomb. We’ll discover how white gold transformed the Caribbean. We’ll find out how to satisfy our sweet tooth without losing our teeth, and uncover why forgetting to wash your hands can lead to amazing scientific discoveries.

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What’s the secret behind the magic of sweet and sour? How does sugar bend the laws of physics, and what is it that draws us to the sweet stuff?

Paul and David Shuker (Open University chemistry expert) talk about the secrets of sugar in our exclusive podcast.





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