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OU on the BBC: Hilary Devey's Women at the Top

Updated Friday, 24th August 2012

In this new two-part series, Dragons' Den entrepreneur Hilary Devey explores why too few women are appointed to the highest positions in the business world

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Hilary Devey Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Hilary Devey in a clip from the series Hilary Devey is one of a rare breed – a successful female entrepreneur who has built her own international business empire from scratch.

Even though more than half of Britain’s graduates are women, and nearly half our workers are women, the vast majority of top jobs are held by men. In this brand new series, Hilary wants to find out why.

On our pages dedicated to the series, you can:

  • Play our Boardroom Lottery challenge which tells you what your chances of reaching the top of the career ladder are based on factors such as your gender, ethnic group, age and more
  • Share your views on the issues raised in the series via our dedicated Discussion Hub
  • Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes video clips from the experts taking part in the series, including Hilary herself
  • If you're interested in the issues brought up by the series, find out how you can further your learning with The Open University via this introductory course to the social sciences. Or first try a free course such as The social in social science

Hilary Devey's Women At The Top will be shown on BBC Two and BBC HD at 9.00pm on Thursday 13th September 2012. For further broadcast details and to watch online where available, please visit




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