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OU on the BBC: Hilary Devey's Women at the Top - Episode 2

Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2012

In the second episode of this series, Hilary travels to Europe to investigate solutions to help more women climb the career ladder

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Hilary Devey Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Hilary Devey Hilary travels to Scandinavia, home to a remarkable attempt to redress the business gender balance. Four years ago, Norway imposed a gender quota, requiring at least 40 per cent of the boards of big companies to be female. Hilary discovers the EU is now considering imposing a quota across Europe, including Britain. 

Back in Britain, Hilary learns about government plans to adopt another Scandinavian idea - shared parental leave. She also investigates how companies such as Ford and BT are helping women in their careers with initiatives such as subsidized crèches and flexible working.

Spurred on by what she’s seen, Hilary decides to introduce flexible working at her own company, and examines a scheme designed to help women build their confidence in the workplace. She also meets with Lord Davies to find out more about his voluntary target of 25 per cent of women on the boards of FTSE 100 companies. 

Hilary then embarks on the final stage of her journey – going on a publicity drive to encourage women to apply for flexible work roles at her company.  

This episode of Hilary Devey's Women at the Top will air on BBC Two and BBC HD at 9pm on Thursday 13th September.  For further broadcast details and to watch online where available, please visit




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