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OU on the BBC: Iceland Foods – Episode 1

Updated Tuesday, 15th October 2013

New year brings a crisis for Iceland's supply of beefburgers and the CEO must take action.

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Iceland episode 1 Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Malcolm Walker, the maverick CEO of Iceland supermarkets, believes that his shoot-from-the-hip leadership holds the key to a happier workforce and profits too.

This series follows the fortunes of Iceland as Malcolm opens the doors to his Willy Wonka style empire and shares the secrets of the food, the boardroom, and the colourful life of the stores.

Christmas is the most competitive time of the supermarket calendar and shop floor staff need to make sure that Iceland does well.

At stake is £10,000 cash in a briefcase, hand-delivered by Malcolm.

But the new year brings a crisis with the alleged discovery of horse meat in Iceland beefburgers.

Iceland Foods on the BBC

This episode was first broadcast on Monday 21 October on BBC Two at 9pm. Visit the Iceland Foods pages on the BBC site for more information, including information on repeats and a link to watch on the iPlayer.





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