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OU on the BBC: Iceland Foods – Episode 3

Updated Tuesday, 5th November 2013

Malcolm Walker hopes a new TV ad campaign will help restore the company's image.

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Iceland employee with frozen prawns Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC CEO Malcolm Walker is concerned the horsemeat scandal has tarnished the company's image and cost millions in sales. He is relaunching the business and needs a game-changing TV advert.

Septuagenarian Iceland ad veteran, Tom - the mastermind behind Iceland's memorable Kerry Katona ads - is pitching against a trendy London advertising agency pitching. Who will get the green light to go ahead with the next campaign?

Meanwhile, Iceland's Head of Security Duncan is working on an instructional video to stop shoplifters. Tooting store manager Sandra is on the hunt to find the thief who's stealing her salmon fillets at 9.30 every morning.

Malcolm's only son Richard is cutting his teeth on the shop floor in Swiss Cottage and customers Mark and Lisa from Wales are catering their upcoming wedding with Iceland food, on a budget of £1.75 a head.

Iceland on BBC Two

You can watch this episode of Iceland Foods: Life in the Freezer on Tuesday 5 November on BBC Two at 9pm. More information and iPlayer links will be available on the BBC website.





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