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OU on the BBC: Inside the Commons - Episode 2

Updated Monday, 9th February 2015

Michael Cockerell explores the ‘Upstairs-Downstairs’ world of the House of Commons in the second episode of Inside the Commons. 

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Clockmaker in the Commons Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The parliamentary locksmith at work In this episode, we see what goes on backstage at the State Opening when the Queen comes to open the parliamentary year, including a surreal traditional search for gunpowder.
Behind the pomp and pageantry, we meet the army of skilled workers who struggle to keep the Commons show on the road.
We follow MPs who want to introduce their own Bills in the Commons and have to play a bizarre form of parliamentary bingo to get the chance. And we show how Labour and Conservative MPs conspire together to thwart their party whips.
We also meet two very different MPs: Robert Halfon MP, a campaigning Conservative and thorn in the side of the Government, who receives an unexpected call from Downing Street. And Thomas Docherty, Labour’s Deputy Shadow Leader of the House, who goes to extraordinary lengths and makes unlikely alliances to guarantee time in the chamber for his party.
This episode airs on Tuesday 10th February at 9pm on BBC Two, and 11.50pm on BBC Scotland. Visit the BBC website for more details

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