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OU on the BBC: Living with Poverty

Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2013

This series of hard-hitting documentaries which will offer insights into the nature and extent of contemporary poverty 

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Misrepresenting poverty image Click the image to use our short history of (mis)representing poverty tool The mention of the word ‘poverty’ is always enough to spark passionate debate – particularly when set in the context of the UK. This new series of hard-hitting documentaries will offer insights into the nature and extent of contemporary poverty.  

Each film-maker explores an area of England and records the stories of people who live on or close to the so-called breadline. Some contributors live in fear of slipping into debt and poverty; others are already struggling to make ends meet. We hear powerful personal testimonies and witness lives that can often go unnoticed by the media and wider society. 

The films cover different forms and ideas of poverty including: rural hardship, relative poverty, the working poor, child poverty, geographical poverty, plus poverty of ambition and expectations. 

See below for information about the featured episodes and our exclusive content. Visit the BBC pages for even more information. 




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