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OU on the BBC: More or Less - Female drink drivers, pub closures and The Rotterdam Effect

Updated Friday, 22nd May 2015

Tim Harford investigates the statistics behind female drink drivers, whether half our exports really go to Europe and the rate at which pubs in the UK are closing. 

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Image of derelict, closed pub. Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Photodynamx | The police federation said this week that the message from anti-drink drive advertising wasn’t getting through. They said that drink driving convictions had dropped 24% whilst convictions for women had risen 17%. Is this the case? More or Less investigates. 

Do half of our exports really go to Europe? Is it the case that the large quantity of exports going through Rotterdam are skewing the results? Tim Harford and his team find out. 

CAMRA has reports that 29 pubs a week are closing in the UK. Can this really be true? Find out on More or Less. 

Listen to More or Less

Tune into BBC Radio 4 on Friday 22 May at 16:30 to listen to this week's programme. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC websiteSee the series page on OpenLearn here.

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