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OU on the BBC: More or Less - Seven-day NHS, John Nash and productivity

Updated Friday 22nd May 2015

Tim Harford looks at a seven day-a-week NHS, 'A Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash, productivity and animal slaughter. 

Blurred figures of doctors and nurses in a hospital corridor Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Viktor Levi | More or Less looks at the commitment that appears in the Queen's Speech to introduce a 'truly seven day-a-week NHS' and David Cameron's assertion that mortality rates are 16% higher for people admitted on a Sunday over those admitted on a Wednesday. And is aseven day working really about saving lives?

The mathematician and scientist, Nobel Laureate and subject of the film a beautiful mind was killed in car accident earlier this month. Tim Harford explores why he was so important to game theory.

Also, we're told we have a productivity problem in the UK. What is it, how is it measured and why is it so low in the UK compared to other economies. An economist explains the answers. A sociologist and a demographer.also explains how you meausre a generation.

Animal Slaughter is also discussed. How many animals are killed each day for food? One claim suggested it was half a billion worldwide, which sounds like a lot to us. Are we really pigging out to such an extent? Are we all so hungry we could all eat a horse? Or is this just a load of bull?

Listen to More or Less 

Tune into BBC Radio 4 on Friday 29 May at 16:30 to listen to this week's programme. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC websiteSee the series page on OpenLearn here.

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