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OU on the BBC: Our Crime - Attacked

Updated Friday, 20th April 2012

The last episode of the series looks at how camera-phones, CCTV and social networking are changing violent crime.

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Our Crime episode attacked Creative commons image Icon By freefotouk via Flickr under Creative Commons license under Creative-Commons license The story of two attacks in south London which led to the tragic deaths of two very different victims. In Tooting, a happy-slapping game being played by a group of bored teenagers escalated into a lethal spree of serious street violence and was recorded by the gang themselves. In Tulse Hill and Brixton, the tension between two rival gangs from different post codes was at first played out online by posting inflammatory rap videos, but ended in tragedy.

Both attacks took place in public, but were fuelled by social networking and internet rivalry. The film reveals the new ways in which camera-phones, CCTV and social networking are changing our experience of violent crime. 

Our Crime: Attacked is first shown on BBC Three, Monday 23rd April, 2012. Visit to see more programme schedules.

To explore other episodes in the series, and join the debate on youth crime and other criminal issues, vist Our Crime.




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