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OU on the BBC: Our Crime - Riot

Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2012

The second episode revisits the summer 2011's UK riots as seen by the people who were closest to the crime.

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Our Crime episode riot Summer 2011's UK riots saw the biggest act of mass public criminality for a generation. Thousands of hours of footage, most on mobile phones, was shot by the people who were closest to the crime. They captured stories of theft, destruction and human tragedy over those four days. This is the story of the people who witnessed the action and the surprising ways they reacted to the chaos around them. These stories paint a very different picture and give us a very personal version of the story that played out on our television screens as the riots occurred. 

Our Crime: Riot is first shown on BBC Three, Monday 9th April, 2012. Visit to see more programme schedules.

To explore other episodes in the series, and join the debate on youth crime and other criminal issues, vist Our Crime.




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