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OU on the BBC: Our Crime - Speed

Updated Friday, 13th April 2012

This episode explores the world of car crime and the impact of recording them and posting them online.  

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A youth poses with a mobile phone Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Johriding of a double-decker caught on camera Boys and their toys - at the heart of this film lies the pursuit of speed and the crimes committed when young drivers get behind the wheel. It follows four very different stories: a gang of car thieves who bring terror to an inner city estate; the story of a drunken prank when a bus is taken on a joyride which ends in an unexpected destination; a terrifying police car chase; and the story of how a life lived online is brought to a tragic end in a real car crash, but how the online aftermath has continued to haunt the victim's family and friends.

Our Crime: Speed is first shown on BBC Three, Monday 16th April, 2012. Visit to see more programme schedules.

To explore other episodes in the series, and join the debate on youth crime and other criminal issues, vist Our Crime.




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