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OU on the BBC: The Great British Year: Autumn

Updated Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Autumn brings a final fling of colour before the sun begins to fade.

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Autumnal leaves falling from a tree Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC (Photographer: Elizabeth White) Autumnal leaves

About the episode

The fading sun brings an energy change to Britain: a time of storms and unpredictable weather. The trees go dormant, but not before a final fling of colour.

For animals, the shortening days are a cue to prepare: hibernating and hoarding for the dark times ahead.

For some, it’s still a time to breed: deer rut, seals give birth and the Atlantic salmon leaps waterfalls in order to lay its eggs. Beneath the fallen leaves and slime moulds, earthworms and fungi take advantage of autumn’s spoils.

Autumn is the final of four programmes making up The Great British Year, a season-by-season exploration of how wildlife adapts across the calendar.

Autumn is first shown on BBC One at 9.00pm, Wednesday 23rd October 2013.





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