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OU on the BBC: The Great British Year: Spring

Updated Tuesday, 27th August 2013

As the frost thaws and new life emerges, it is clear that spring has finally sprung.

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Spring leaf burst in a deciduous forest Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC (Photographer: James Brickell) Spring leaf burst in a deciduous forest

About the episode

Spring marks the start of an epic race for life where timing is everything; trees explode with blossom and mornings fill with the magical chorus of bird song. Long-tailed tits frantically build nests, while in our oceans, seahorses sway to a graceful courtship dance.

As we celebrate Easter, a stoat mother hunts the young rabbits to feed her own playful young.

As spring becomes summer, Guillemot chicks leap from their cliffs to begin life at sea, and this year's young prepare for life alone.

Spring is the second of four programmes making up The Great British Year, a season-by-season exploration of how wildlife adapts across the calendar.

Spring is first shown on BBC One at 9.00pm, Wednesday 9th October 2013.





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