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OU on the BBC: The Great British Year: Summer

Updated Tuesday 27th August 2013

A lazy summer for some, but for many species this is a period of peak activity.

Summer rain falling over a field Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC (Photographer: Sam Stewart) Summer rain falls over a field

About the episode

While the human population of Britain kicks back, summer is boom time for the animals. More sun means more food, but animals are arriving from afar to share and competition is high.

Hunters time their arrival from Africa to feast on the huge glut of flying insects, hobbies race after dragonflies while thermal cameras reveal nightjars on a Dorset heath.

Will the weather hold? One day harmful UV rays force sea urchins to cover up, the next, thunderstorms bring out hordes of hungry snails.

Summer is the third of four programmes making up The Great British Year, a season-by-season exploration of how wildlife adapts across the calendar.

Summer is first shown on BBC One at 9.00pm, Wednesday 16th October 2013.


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